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Archytas Entertainment 

Archytas Entertainment, (Formerly Hedgpeth Productions) is a collective group of Independent Filmmakers. We write, produce and direct our own projects, as well as accept submissions for stories for the Internet and Theatrical distribution. Our ultimate goal is to entertain. We feel we have something to say and enjoy entertaining people with our imaginative stories about people and situations. We specialize in science fiction, horror, action and traditional media. You can also find us on face book. We are always seeking new talent and technical crew. We started in 1985. From humble beginnings of shooting Super8mm films using neighborhood kids in the backyard, to filming bigger and better material. It is managed by Leroy and Damien Hedgpeth. If you have any questions or comments or want to submit your resume or a submission for a story  idea you can contact us on the Contact Page. Feel free to drop us a line! Keep checking back as changes are being made frequently! As always, Thanks for visiting!! Before you leave, don't forget to sign our Guestbook below!!




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